Written blends don't necessarily merge phonetically but in writing. They may be strange to pronounce in some cases but can offer surprising creations too.

hopen nopen europen openny ropen openthouse envelopen opencil openis dopen openalty popen opennsylvania opentagon elopen opending opens scopen copen opension openguin opennies openelope penelopen opencils microscopen telescopen openitentiary openicillin openetrate openance stethoscopen slopen opendant opendergast openetration opennant mopen horoscopen openn openguins openal openniless openetrating opent opendleton openchant openalties opendergrast openetrated openinsula kaleidoscopen antelopen opentothal openises opence gropen periscopen opensacola isotopen gyroscopen tightropen opennypacker openned openalized opensions opensioners openalize opensive openg openetrates stopen openough opend alsource sourcertainly dropen topen opentire openjoy sourcertain sourcell copen popen shopen openglish opended sourcelebrate sourcenter openergy openemy opengaged opends sourceremony opengagement opentirely openjoying opending sourcentury opengland openter openjoyed openemies sourcentral opengine 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flopen sourcetera sourcecile eavesdropen openrolled opencore openlightened sourcerebral sourcecil nonstopen opentrapment openjoyable openhanced openhance opendanger sourcertificates picassource openforce sourcertainty openlisted lollipopen openvelopes opengaging barbershopen opengineers opendeavor openglishman sourcelia openigma openrique opendorsement openchanting openvious bopen opensemble openright opendorse sourceremonies openid opendangerment openclosed openquirer opendlessly opencounters sourceremonial sourcello sourcelery openlist openlightenment opencyclopedia wopen rooftopen opendured sourcentimeters sourcenters sourcedric sourcensus opentrusted openjoyment openforcer opentourage openlarged sourceltics slopen pasource opentrepreneur openduring sourceramic sourceased russource opentity opendearing opencourages dunlopen sourceltic openormously openforced opencrypted boopen opentertainer opengagements opendangering atopen opendurance opencryption sourcesspool torsource 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sourcentennial sourcensured sourcellist alonsource