Phonetic blends are in fact Portmanteaus. Namesmith blends two words which overlap in pronounciation and creates a brand new word. Usually there are different ways to spell these created words. In this case Namesmith will provide you with different possibilites.

francescamo franceskimo deskimo grotesqueimo groteskimo burlesqueimo burleskimo yeskimo guesskimo geskimo unlesskimo unleskimo lesskimo leskimo messkimo meskimo dresskimo dreskimo presskimo preskimo tesskimo teskimo jesskimo jeskimo stresskimo streskimo successkimo succeskimo confesskimo confeskimo blesskimo bleskimo expresskimo expreskimo impresskimo impreskimo weskimo chesskimo cheskimo distresskimo distreskimo leskimo eskimonique possesskimo posseskimo recesskimo receskimo neverthelesskimo nevertheleskimo eskimotivation nonethelesskimo nonetheleskimo nesskimo neskimo eskimomentarily assesskimo asseskimo fesskimo feskimo besskimo beskimo finessekimo fineskimo undresskimo undreskimo suppresskimo suppreskimo obsesskimo obseskimo tskimo teskimo eskimotivational usskimo useskimo digresskimo digreskimo caresskimo careskimo represskimo represkimo professkimo profeskimo depresskimo depreskimo eskimolestation reassesskimo reasseskimo eskimobilization oppresskimo oppreskimo eskimotivations redresskimo redreskimo repossesskimo reposseskimo oaskimo oaeskimo eskimohicans hesskimo heskimo