Frequently Asked Questions

Why Another Name Generator?

After trying and working with different name generators on the market we saw much room for improvement. There is more to the name finding process than appending 2-3 keywords and create a domain. Our goal is to generate really useful and creative names. The work is not done yet but we already offer the tool for phonetic blends (portmanteaus) which is, to our knowledge, a unique feature.

Is Namesmith Finished?

No. We are working on more features while you are reading this. We will support more TLDs and more registrars soon. More awesome tools are in the pipeline. Make sure to come back soon!

How Do You Make Money?

We use affiliate links to earn commissions for linked products. For example if you register a domain via our link, we get a small sum from the registrar service. There is no drawback for you using our affiliate links. You may even save money by using our special coupon codes.

You have more questions? Just write a mail!